The Impact of Invisalign on Your Oral Health in Lubbock


Tired of seeing everybody with the perfect smile?

Relax, you’re not alone! Once you desire the perfect smile, it’s evident that you’ll see almost everybody with a flawless grin. 

However, did you know that 9 of 10 Americans have imperfect teeth?The Impact of Invisalign on Your Oral Health in LubbockYes, it’s true, we’re equally imperfect. But thanks to Invisalign treatments, now you can correct unwanted spaces between your teeth, overbite, or underbite. It is one of the latest and most innovative solutions to straighten teeth and get the perfect smile. 

These aligners are transparent, allowing you to align your cavity without compromising the aesthetics of your smile. But despite the growing prevalence of Invisalign, there remains a lot of misconception about this treatment. 

Keeping the same in mind, this blog explores:

  • Understanding Clear Aligners – What is the Appliance About?
  • Cosmetic Impact of Invisalign – How does it Redefine your Smile?
  • Positive Oral Benefits of Using Invisalign

Continue reading as we understand more about the appliance in the following sections. 

Understanding Clear Aligners – What is the Appliance About?

Invisalign is one of the latest revolutions in the field of orthodontic treatments that uses a set of clear aligners that you can remove based on your convenience. You must change your aligner sets as the treatment proceeds until your oral cavity aligns with your jaw.The Impact of Invisalign on Your Oral Health in LubbockInvisalign is custom-made for every individual based on the unique characteristics of their mouth. As a result, these aligners fit perfectly in your mouth and straighten your jaw to perfect your smile.    

What Makes Clear Aligners Popular?

There are many reasons why people choose Invisalign braces over conventional braces. But some of the best-known of these reasons include the following:

  • Discretion:

The best thing about Invisalign in Lubbock is the discretion that comes along. These transparent aligners are barely visible, and it is barely visible. You can even speak or smile without hesitation, thanks to the transparent characteristics of these treatments.         

  • Easier To Remove:

Another great thing about Invisalign aligners is you can easily remove them based on your needs and convenience. This allows you to enjoy and chew your food more effectively without the hassle of any brackets, wires, or rubber bands. This will enable you to get the best of this treatment without any dietary constraints.

  • Unmatched Comfort And Convenience:

Clear aligner treatments are highly convenient since you need not visit the dentist frequently for adjustments. Visiting your dentist in Lubbock every six weeks or so is enough to get good results with the oral appliance. Also, these aligners are made of very smooth and flexible plastic material, always ensuring unmatched comfort.

Cosmetic Impact of Invisalign – How does it Redefine your Smile?

Most people presume that the cosmetic impact of clear aligner treatments is limited to oral health. But in reality, the oral appliance also helps enhance the aesthetics of your face. Some of the most noteworthy of those impacts include: 

Widened Smile: 

Invisalign can be a boon for people whose smiles show six or fewer front teeth. It can help correct this issue for good as it gradually strengthens your oral cavity and returns it to the appropriate position.

This, in turn, broadens your smile by moving the teeth gradually into an aligner position, perfecting your smile. 

The Impact of Invisalign on Your Oral Health in LubbockEnhanced Face Shape: 

Misaligned teeth can have a noteworthy adverse impact on the aesthetics of your face. This is more prevalent among patients with an overbite, underbite, or open bite. 

Starting the treatment early can help correct these features and enhance your face’s shape to impact your aesthetics better. 

Enhances Gummy Smile:

If your smile reveals more gums than you would like, it is due to a condition called gummy smile. Clear aligners are great for fixing minor gummy smile issues resulting from inappropriate jaw alignment. As these aligners push your teeth back into position, they help reveal fewer gum tissues while smiling.          

Positive Oral Benefits of Using Invisalign 

Invisalign is one of the best options for bringing the best out of your smile with a properly aligned set of teeth. There are many oral issues you can address using the oral appliance, and some of the best-known of them include the following:   

  • Crooked Teeth:

Crooked teeth can cause more damage to your mouth and oral health than you can imagine. Clear aligners are among the best solutions for straightening and avoiding these adverse impacts. This will make it much easier for you to chew your food and talk to people without hesitation.  

  • Gapped or Crowded Teeth:

Crowded or gapped teeth are the worst, with their unmatched potential to hamper oral health in many ways. Leaving these conditions untreated for long can lead to complications such as bad breath, ineffective talking, and more. Invisalign braces can help straighten your teeth and address these issues.     

  • Better Oral Hygiene:

Maintaining proper oral hygiene with conventional braces is a very challenging ordeal. Thankfully, this should not be a concern when using clear aligners. 

Since you can remove these dentist aligners without complications, brushing and flossing your teeth becomes much easier. As a result, this helps you maintain proper oral hygiene and prevent other oral health complications from developing and impacting you adversely.    


  • Invisalign offers a staggering success rate of 96%, and more than 2.5 million people continue using the appliance.  
  • Clear aligners are the latest revolution in the field of orthodontic treatments. The treatment uses a set of clear aligners that you can remove based on your convenience. 
  • Widened smiles, enhanced face shapes, and correcting gummy smiles are some of the best-known cosmetic benefits of using aligner teeth.  
  • Wait no more; perfect your smile with our Invisalign professionals at Lubbock Dental Care today!