Dental Implants in Lubbock TX

At one point or another, many adults may damage or lose a tooth because of injury, disease, or merely the side effect of age and tooth decay. We work with many patients in our Lubbock, TX community to provide the dental services they need to achieve a beautiful and healthy smile. Dental implants can help you recover your mouth’s lost shape or functionality by supplying a solid foundation for replacement teeth. Patients who have dental implants may smile with confidence.

Missing, fractured or misaligned teeth can not just impact your confidence and physical appearance. It can also harm your health and well-being. During your consultation with our staff, our Lubbock dental team may recommend a dental implant tooth replacement if you:

  • One or more missing teeth
  • Severely decayed teeth
  • Fractured or chipped teeth

When you speak with our dental staff, you will feel confident that you have all the information you need to make the right decision. We will help you understand the reasons behind our recommendations and walk you through all aspects that you should expect before, during, and after the dental implants in Lubbock TX, procedure.

Benefits Of Our Lubbock Dental Implants

We have worked with many Lubbock dental patients, and after surgery, our patients love their natural looking smile that looks and acts just like they remember before suffering from the advanced damage to their teeth. Our Lubbock dentists and entire staff have the knowledge and experience that you need to create implants that look and act just like your natural teeth.

The loss of teeth has been closely linked to gum tissue and damage to bones in the mouth and jaw. This type of negative impact can cause ongoing and severe issues in many aspects of your health and wellbeing, so you should consult with our Lubbock dental team if you are suffering from teeth loss to prevent any unwanted side effects.

Depending on your unique needs, we may also recommend soft tissue or bone grafting if you don’t have sufficient bone tissue or bone to maintain dental implants. Since this dental procedure is relatively advanced, we recommend that you schedule an appointment with our Lubbock dental team to understand the benefits of a dental implant tooth replacement so we can help you regain your confidence and healthy smile today!

What Makes Cosmetic Implants A Great Option?

A dental implants lubbock texas is a synthetic, standalone tooth that is anchored to your mouth and jawline, in the position of the tooth. To ensure your ongoing health, we use advanced biocompatible materials in your implants to promote new bone growth in the immediate area so your implants will remain firmly in position and retain their strength over time.

Here are a few ways that our Lubbock dental team can help you achieve a healthier and brighter smile today with our dental implants:

  • Single tooth replacement, even when restored using a ceramic crown.
  • Multiple tooth replacement, even when two or three implants help a fixed bridge.
  • Full mouth treatment, like the event of the implant, supported dentures.

A dental implant is a permanent substitute for the lost tooth. This means that a dental implant can make the perfect remedy to fix uncomfortable or unsightly gaps in your teeth. Dental implants are performed by our expert staff at Lubbock Dental Care & Orthodontics, and our team may recommend this procedure to substitute one or several teeth that are lost.

What To Expect During The Implant Procedure

Depending on your needs and the extent of damage or tooth loss, you should expect that your dental implants in Lubbock TX, operation should take two surgical procedures over the course of 6-8 weeks. After your initial consultation, our team will work with you in the first dental visit to work on placing your implants (miniature metal posts, which function as root replacements ) that will be inserted into the jawbone.

After the implants are placed in the jawbone, your jawbone will slowly grow across the implants during the coming weeks. As your jaw bonds with the implants, you will have a secure and reliable base on to build the rest of the procedure on, allowing you to use temporary dentures to maintain a daily lifestyle that you are accustomed to.

After several weeks, our Lubbock dental team will evaluate your implants to ensure you are ready to proceed to the next phase of your operation. We will then attach little connectors to the implants that are designed to maintain your new teeth safely.

Replacement teeth will subsequently be anchored in position to help you regain a healthy and beautiful smile. Your replacement teeth will soon be made ahead of the process, according to impressions removed from your natural teeth.

What To Expect Following Your Dental Implant Procedures

While implants are a relatively invasive dental procedure, you should feel minimum pain and discomfort once the implants are set and completed. You will experience some swelling in your teeth and jaw, and this can lead to minor confront minor bleeding, and some bruising near the treatment area.

This is all common, and you should not be alarmed. If you are concerned with the pain or discomfort, then you should contact our office, and we would be happy to schedule an appointment.

Our Trusted Lubbock, TX Dental Tooth Replacements

If you are suffering from the pain and discomfort of missing teeth, then it is time to speak with our expert dental team today. We will work with you to determine your best course of action based on your needs, goals, and past experiences. Schedule a meeting with our trusted team today to begin living the life that you deserve!