Cosmetic Dentistry in Lubbock TX

Regardless of your dental needs, Lubbock Dental Care & Orthodontics is your trusted Lubbock dental clinic. Our knowledgeable dental staff can work with you for all your needs, from regular cleanings and appointments to cosmetic dentistry, teeth whitening, and implants.

We are known as the trusted cosmetic dentistry in Lubbock TX, because we offer top-notch dental hygiene and provide the ideal patient experience for all our patient visits.

From the moment you enter our Lubbock, TX dental clinic, you will love how our entire staff will provide personal attention to your needs, and we work hard to earn your trust for you and your family’s dental needs. We pride ourselves on providing excellent care and value helping patients achieve healthier and brighter smiles.

Over the past years, we have worked hard to deliver the best experience and dental services for our Lubbock community. This is why we are devoted to cosmetic dentistry in Lubbock, TX, for your whole family.

If you are suffering from the side effects of lost or damaged teeth, and this is impacting your ability to eat or live a natural life, then now is the time to contact our dental office. Even if you just want to straighten your teeth and regain a beautiful and natural smile, there is no better time to call than now!

Here are a few ways our cosmetic dentistry in Lubbock TX can work with you to help you regain your health, confidence, and well-being.

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are thin shells of high-quality ceramic which attach to the front of the teeth to hide cosmetic problems, like cracks, chips, or discoloration. We know an outstanding smile is priceless, and this is why our Lubbock dental team has worked with numerous patients just like you to help them regain their confidence and smile.

Our dental staff has the knowledge and experience needed to provide excellent service and deliver unmatched results with detailed attention to veneers. Following your personal consultation, our dental team may recommend that you undergo the veneer procedure.

If you choose to go this route, we will start by taking impressions of your teeth to provide an exact match of your natural teeth so your veneers will fit and feel perfect.

Direct Bonding

Do you suffer from small chips on your teeth? What about minor misalignment or discoloration that makes you feel less confident throughout your day? Just know that you are not alone and many of our Lubbock dental patients who have otherwise perfect oral health can feel self-conscious about these minor issues.

If you and our Lubbock dental team choose to conduct a direct bonding procedure, then you will see that cosmetic bonding utilizes a malleable, tooth-colored substance called composite resin to counteract harm done to your teeth. Some patients choose this procedure because it is a low-cost solution to ceramic veneers. Speak with our caring and knowledgeable Lubbock dental team to see if this is the best option for your dental needs!

Professional In-Office Teeth Whitening

Are you nervous about how your teeth will look for an upcoming appointment or significant events like a wedding or business trip? If you are looking for the most effective methods to gain a stunning smile that will impress your audience, then you can’t go wrong with our professional in-office whitening services.

We know that your time is valuable, so we have created a teeth whitening system that can be completed in a single visit. No more waiting or making several trips to our Lubbock dental office to get the smile of your dreams. You are sure to walk out of our office with a bright and confident smile today!

At-Home Whitening Recommendations

Nothing can weaken your confidence like a dull or unhealthy smile. It is not unusual for your teeth to become yellowed or stained over time, and as you consume different types of food and drinks, this staining can become more pronounced.

With almost 100% of adults thinking that an attractive smile is essential for success and happiness, it is time for you to take your future into your own hands and get the smile that you have been dreaming of with our at-home whitening solution.

There are many at-home teeth whitening options on the market, and depending on your needs and goals our Lubbock dental team will work with you to choose the best options for you.


Depending on your needs and situations, Invisalign is the obvious alternative to metal braces for both adults and teenagers. These advanced invisible aligners are almost invisible and will undoubtedly be the most non-intrusive approach to boost your own smile. Invisalign includes a greater than 96% patient satisfaction rate.

Invisalign therapy is a superb solution for adults or teenagers who want to straighten their teeth but do not wish to wear conventional braces due to the inconveniences and pain that some patients experience from metal braces. Invisalign treatment employs a run of great plastic trays explicitly created for you to ensure you experience limited pain and discomfort during the entire procedure.

There are many benefits to using Invisalign aligners compared to traditional metal braces, including:

  • They are more comfortable to wash than conventional braces since they’re removable. This means you can eat the foods that you love without having to limit your option like you would with traditional braces.
  • Since the Invisalign are custom made for your mouth, they do not irritate your lips or lips, so you will experience less pain compared to metal braces.
  • You will not have to have as many visits to our dental office with Invisalign aligners compared to traditional braces. This means you can spend more time enjoying life, and you won’t have to disrupt your regular schedule.