Here at Lubbock Dental Care, we do our best to make sure that you receive the dental services and care that you need. Our staff has partnered with several primary insurance providers to ensure that we are in-network, based on requirements of the largest insurance companies. Most dental hygiene costs can be addressed through your insurer.

Dental insurance can help lessen your out-of-pocket dental expenditures. There’ll generally be some out-of-pocket expense you’ll be expected to cover at the time of service. Lubbock Dental Care is connected with several of the most popular insurance providers. We will work with you to find the best dental services based on your need and finances.

Maximum Benefits & Gains

Being an in-network supplier with your specific dental insurance provider usually means your dental visit fees are according to the fee program that’s generally lower compared to our regular prices. Thus, by visiting an in-network dentist like Lubbock Dental Care, you will automatically get a discount on your dental visit.

Along with having an in-network supplier with your dental insurance provider, we’ll also record your insurer, monitor your claims, follow up on delayed promises, and help resolve many insurance plans.

We submit claims electronically, allowing for quicker and more secure data transmission.

Please supply our Lubbock staff with your insurance information if you phone our office. Then, we could assume the hassle of managing the insurance businesses. Additionally, be sure that you provide your ID along with your insurance card when you talk to our front desk staff so we can process you quickly and easily.

Our entire team is ready and waiting to help you understand your options. We are dedicated to assist you in finding the best dental solutions for your needs. Contact us today to learn more or call us at (806) 687-8492 !