A Comprehensive Guide To Fix Overlapping Teeth with Invisalign Treatment


Invisalign is a cutting-edge orthodontic treatment that uses transparent, custom-made aligners to straighten misaligned teeth. Invisalign dentistry has helped many enhance their smile’s aesthetics and restore teeth’ full functionality. 

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But is this reason enough to get you treatment, or should you consider other alternatives?       

This blog will address all your concerns about getting the treatment with a deep overview of the following topics:

  • What is Invisalign? 
  • How Do Clear Braces Work – Insight into the Procedure
  • Different Types of Invisalign Treatment
  • Reasons To Consider Getting Clear Aligners

Continue reading as we learn more about overlapping teeth in the following sections. 


Your smile is the best jewel you can wear. Almost everyone must have heard of this phrase at some other point. Smiling triggers the release of endorphins in your brain that help trigger pleasure. 

Unfortunately, not everyone is confident about smiling freely, especially with overlapping teeth. This is where Invisalign dental braces come into the picture to fix your orthodontics and give you the ideal smile.       

This blog will give you a deeper insight into the aligner treatment and help you decide if this is the right choice. So, let’s get started!

What is Invisalign? Role in Smile Improvement

Invisalign is one of the latest additions to the list of advanced dental treatments. This treatment uses a transparent, custom-made set of clear braces to straighten misaligned teeth gradually. 

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These braces are made of smooth, BPA-free plastic material, which almost makes them invisible and gives you the confidence to smile without hesitation. The treatment is relatively simple; the dentist in Lubbock will place a set of clear braces over your teeth. Each of these aligner sets is replaced periodically, which usually rounds up to two weeks.    

How Do Clear Braces Work – Insight into the Procedure

The overall treatment for Invisalign is highly effective and will bring your teeth to the right position with enough time and effort. So, here is a breakdown of the entire process to give you an idea of how things work here. 

Stage 1 – Consultation

The first thing you need to do before getting clear braces is to seek consultation with a reliable dental expert. The dentist will examine your teeth, following which you can discuss your aesthetic goals and determine if Invisalign Lubbock is the right treatment option for you.

Stage 2 – Customized Treatment Plan 

If a clear aligner is your ideal treatment, the dentist will chart out a customized plan based on your needs. These days, dentists use advanced technologies to determine precise digital impressions of the teeth. These scans will work as the foundation for creating the ideal set of aligners that will align your teeth gradually. 

Stage 3 – Aligner Fabrication 

The dentist will create the first clear aligners using the digitized impressions. There will be different sets of aligners for different phases of the treatment to ensure it meets your needs effectively.          

Stage 4 – Start Wearing The Aligners 

Now that your first set of aligners is ready, you should start wearing them. The dentist will instruct you to wear each set of Invisalign teeth braces for at least 20 hours a day. Since these braces are almost invisible, you need not worry about them hampering the aesthetics of your smile.   

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Stage 5 – Progress 

This is when your teeth gradually get into the right shape as the aligners push them. Each aligner is designed to fix your jaw to a specific position and make minutely calculated adjustments. This rate of progression can vary based on different individuals, but two weeks is enough in most cases.   

Stage 6 – Regular Dental Check-Ups 

After getting your aligners, you must visit your dentist in Lubbock, TX regularly. The dentist will monitor your gradual progress and schedule regular visits every six to eight weeks. 

After you have completed wearing all the Invisalign aligners, the dentist will discuss the options after the treatment. This might require you to wear a dental retainer to straighten your teeth and maintain the integrity of newly aligned teeth. These retainers can either be fixed or removed depending on your needs.     

Different Types of Invisalign Treatment 

As Invisalign is designed to cater to an individual’s specific needs, many different types of aligners are based on people’s needs. So here are some of the different types of Invisalign you need to know about.

Complete Braces:

It is one of the most common braces for comprehensive teeth straightening. It addresses many minor to complicated orthodontic cases. 

Lite Aligners: 

These aligners are designed for less complicated cases. They are ideal Invisalign teeth for individuals with minor misalignments or even in relapses, as they have over 96% success rate. Lite braces have a shorter treatment span and fewer aligners.         

Teen Braces: 

As the name suggests, these aligners are designed specifically for teenagers. These braces offer the same benefits as full Invisalign but are designed to accommodate growing teeth. 

Invisalign i7: 

Invisalign i7 addresses minor teeth misalignments and is designed to provide a quick fix in three months. Individuals who require minor teeth adjustments are an ideal fit for these aligners.

Reasons To Consider Getting Clear Aligners

Clear aligners are becoming very popular, and many factors fuel this popularity. So, here are some of the best-known reasons to consider getting dental braces in Invisalign.

  • Better Convenience: Invisalign is known for being very comfortable, thanks to its smooth texture and surface. Unlike conventional dental braces with many sharp wires and irritations, It has no irritants, ensuring unmatched comfort.  
  • Enhanced Aesthetics: Many people primarily use clear braces because it adds to their aesthetic appeal. These transparent braces are as discreet as possible and can help you get the perfect smile without compromising aesthetics. 
  • Unmatched Flexibility: Another great thing about clear aligners is that they offer unmatched flexibility, as you can easily remove and wear them based on your needs. Besides that, you need not make any dietary changes when wearing these appliances with an assurance that this will not damage your teeth.    
  • Predictable Outcomes: Invisalign is one of those few dental treatments that uses advanced 3D imaging technologies. It ensures you get precise treatment plans, enabling you to expect predictable outcomes in a certain time frame. 


  • Invisalign treatment uses a transparent, custom-made set of aligners to straighten misaligned teeth gradually. 
  • Clear aligner treatment starts with general consultation and ends with post-treatment care. 
  • Different aligners include full, lite, teen, first, and i7. 
  • Still under-confident about your smile? Connect with our experts at Lubbock Dental Care today!