How Long Does A Dental Implant Procedure Take?

Did your dentist suggest dental implants, but you need clarification about what you’re signing up for? This happens frequently. Several things need to be considered before deciding whether dental implants in Lubbock are the best option for you. 

You’ve heard that getting implants may take some time. So, to assist you in better comprehending the steps, let’s go through them together.

Dental implants are used for a wide range of reasons. For example, some people desire implants to aid retain or do away with dentures and to restore using teeth cosmetics that have been gone for a long time. 

Some people might require implantation to repair a tooth that has just been pulled due to an accident, disease, periodontitis, or decaying. In some situations, tooth extraction and rapid placement of the implant in the space are possible. 

Depending on the kind of implantation operation, treatment length can vary. For example, the quantity of implants inserted, where they are put within the mouth, and whether or not bone grafting is necessary can affect how long the procedure may take.

The Treatment For Dental Implants

A dental implant secures a custom-made dental crown in position. Historically, a partial denture has been a small bolt made of platinum or titanium that a surgeon inserts into the jawbone.

Zirconia implants have since been given FDA permission for use. Zirconia is a hard, white ceramic material, and during the last four years, demand has skyrocketed.

If insufficient bone supports the implant, you will need a bone transplant performed by professionals at a dental in Lubbock, TX. Bone insufficiency can be brought on by ageing, gum disease, accidents, and other circumstances. If the implant is placed into the jaw bone and the sinuses need to have their surrounding bone grown up, the patient may have to undergo a sinus lift first.

How Long Does A Dental Implant Procedure Take?

It can take three to nine months when you factor in the time it takes from the initial appointment. The medical assessment, the surgery, the placement of the abutment, and the placement of the crown. 

However, a lot relies on the individual’s circumstances and capacity for recovery. Even before the implant can be firmly placed, any additional procedures, such as bone augmentation or sinus lift, must be performed on the patient. This time for recovery and healing can easily be extended by 4 to 8 weeks.

The Function Of Dental Implants

A precisely crafted dental crown is secured in place by a dental implant. A dental implant has historically been a small bolt made of platinum or titanium that a surgeon inserts into the jawbone.

Since then, the FDA has approved the use of zirconia implants. Zirconia is a complex, white ceramic material whose demand has skyrocketed during the last four years.

If there is insufficient bone to support the implant, a dental professional in Lubbock, TX, will need to perform a bone graft on you. Bone insufficiency can be brought on by various circumstances, including ageing, gum disease, traumas, and more. 

If the cosmetic teeth are placed into the upper jaw, the patient may need a sinus lift since the bone around the sinuses needs to be built up.

Dental implants in Lubbock are not advised for youngsters as bone structures are still growing. While teenagers can now have them performed.

Furthermore, the implant procedure is much less likely to succeed in people who smoke, take immunosuppressive medicines, or recently had radiotherapy to the face or neck. They have uncontrollable diabetes, crush their teeth during the night, or have any of these conditions.

A Timeline For Dental Implant Replacement

Most of the time, your implant-supported treatment will only need to be changed if worn out or damaged. Although implant-supported replacements are solid, they are nonetheless vulnerable to wear and damage, just like natural teeth.

In a few situations, replacing an implant-supported restoration may be warranted sooner than the usual 10 to fifteen years.

For example, someone who frequently grinds or clenches their teeth is much more probable than someone who does not deteriorate or perhaps even ruins their implant sooner.


People choose dental implant cosmetics for teeth for a variety of reasons. However, despite your motive, speak with the best cosmetic dental expert who can give you a complete examination. 

They’ll guide you down the right path and provide appropriate advice. Make an appointment to speak with them if you have any concerns.

Dental Implants Made Easier

Dental implants have often been marketed as a challenging, uncomforting procedure. However, that’s fake! When done by professionals with years of experience, the process becomes effortless, and the finish is like your natural teeth. So wait no more; connect with our Lubbock Dental Care & Orthodontics professionals at 806-687-8492 to learn more.