Dental Emergencies You Should Never Ignore

Dental emergencies are uninvited; you never know where or when you could experience one. For instance, tooth pain can happen anytime, even when you are just randomly drinking cold drinks, but over time, when it stops hurting, you might avoid going to the dentist. 

Although ignoring a significant tooth problem like this is never advised, a dentist in Lubbock, Texas, suggests that such minor dental problems can cause lasting damage when left untreated. 

Avoiding such dental problems or attempting DIY treatments will continue to make your dental emergencies severe. This is why you need a complete idea of these emergencies that endanger your oral health. 

Continue reading as we explore the different oral conditions you could avoid before it becomes a more expensive dental issue. 

What Are Dental Emergencies?

Everything can feel like an emergency when you are in tooth pain. A dental emergency usually involves severe pain, irritation, or harm to the teeth.

The following common dental emergencies should never be ignored; instead, you should seek treatment in an emergency dental facility.

Loose Tooth

One of the most normal dental emergencies is indeed a loose tooth. Adults typically sustain periodontitis or severe hit traumas from athletics or accidents that result in forceful blows, resulting in a loose tooth. Unfortunately, sports are the events where this happens most frequently in kids.

Avoid touching the tooth unless you can gently return it into its place; touching the tooth generally makes matters worse. Though if you believe your tooth cannot be salvaged and must be extracted, never do it alone. Not only does it hurt, but the effort will raise your chance of infection from a botched dental extraction.

Accidental Gum Bleeding

After brushing or flossing, you should be cautious if your gums are bleeding. This symptom indicates inflamed gums or periodontitis. Even a stench, swollen gums, or toothaches might be experienced during flossing. The most crucial thing is to treat early gum disease

It may become impossible for you to restore your teeth to health if the condition has progressed to a certain stage. Therefore, scheduling an appointment with the emergency dentist near Lubbock to find out what is happening specifically and developing a treatment plan as soon as possible might save your smile!


If you are experiencing severe and persistent tooth pain, you should not disregard it. The excruciating pain might be a sign that your tooth is infected or a sign of a bigger disease.

If it does not go away on its own, the Lubbock, Texas dentist advises root canal treatment to eliminate the illness and save your teeth.

Don’t wait to call your emergency dentist since if they are not treated or identified, they might lead to tooth loss.

Dental Abscess

Dental abscesses are infections that develop around the periodontal ligament and harm nearby tissues and teeth. They may also appear in the region between the gums and the teeth. The infection is life-threatening if it is not treated and spreads to other bodily areas.

To cure the abscess and keep the tooth, the dentist in Lubbock, Texas, may advise root canal therapy. However, the tooth may need to be taken if it cannot be saved. Brush your teeth with a hot salt solution to reduce discomfort and encourage us to come to the surface. Visit expert dentists as early as possible.

Tooth Loss

If your tooth has been knocked out, it is advised not to touch the roots. Picking the teeth on the opposing side is still recommended. It is necessary to correctly orient the tooth once it has been removed from the socket. 

The tooth can then be inserted into a milk container. If not, one must carefully insert the tooth between the gums and the teeth. A dentist must be consulted immediately, and the tooth has to be wet. The knocked tooth should then be placed back within 30 minutes.

Exposed Nerves

You won’t have to worry about whether or not this is a dental urgency if your tooth has an open nerve. Instead, you’ll know you need an urgent dental visit because of the excruciating agony you’ll feel merely breathing, inhaling, or even sipping a cup. 

For brief comfort before you can go to the dentist for treatment, emergency dentists advise chewing a piece of sugar-free bubblegum and using it to patch the damaged nerve.


Dental emergencies can happen anytime, anywhere. See the emergency dentist near Lubbock immediately to treat this problem and prevent more damage to your teeth and gums. Remember, it’s always wise to visit your dentist soon before your oral hygiene worsens. 

Don’t Wait For The Obvious 

Dental emergencies are uncalled for. Lubbock Dental Care & Orthodontics is ready to serve you 24*7*365. Visit our clinic or call us at 806-687-8492.